A Superb Head Teacher!

This story is about how schools struggled to ensure that they met all requirements needed for the project so that they wouldn’t miss the opportunity of receiving the project’s equipment. One of the most crucial requirements is for a school to have security guards since the equipment provided by the project is very expensive.

One of those schools, which will be receiving TZ21’s “BridgeIT” intervention, is Chambani Primary School. Chambani got guards recently after efforts taken by its head teacher. After hearing from TZ21 how important it is to have security guards, he moved from one village to another surrounding the school to encourage and convince people to look for guards and contribute anything for their salary. He enlightened them on the importance of the project to the school and the disadvantage of losing this opportunity.

Well… the community was encouraged and greatly impressed. They willingly agreed to contribute TSH 300/- per household per month for security guards. Immediately after that, guards were hired, and now they are waiting for the equipment!