Community Engagement in Reading and ICT Installation Mtwara

In Mtwara, the following best practices are emerging in schools after TZ21 provided training on reading and library resource management:

At Nangwanda Primary School in Newala District, and at many other schools in the six districts in Mtwara, communities fully took charge to ensure that their schools are not left behind for ICT installation. Communities mobilized parents and other villagers to contribute money and their labor to install door and window grills to ensure the safety of the ICT equipment that will be installed.

In Tandahimba District, the village governments of Mihambwe, Ruvuma, Mkaha and Mitumbati made the iron gates for their schools. These schools were closed by the government during the cashew-nut farmers’ riots, and the schools completed the work before the government reopened them.

Ms. Kuruthumu Musa Mtonya, a Standard III & IV Swahili teacher from Tandahimba District, volunteered to attend a TZ21-provided Swahili-subject reading training for Standards I & II at her own cost. Mwalimu Kuruthumu had already attended the Swahili-subject training for Standards III & IV, and she wanted to complete the training module. She said “the training has helped to sharpen my teaching ability, I want to sharpen my knowledge and gain more skills for other classes from experienced teachers”.

At Makukwe 1 Primary School in Newala District, the school community mobilized themselves to install a library room and a book-borrowing system. Likewise, in Chikongola Primary School, the School Management Committee has managed to renovate one room for a school library. In Masasi district, Nairombo Primary School started making bricks in order to construct a special room for a school library and computer room. Another school in Masasi, Lukuledi Primary School, managed to update one room by installing window grills and an iron door gate, renovating the floor, and painting the room, which will be used as library and computer room as well.