Mkunazini Primary School Establishes a Reading Promotion Strategy

In an effort to promote reading amongst students in Standards I and II, staff at Mkunazini Primary School have developed a new method of having students of upper classes (e.g. Standard V and VI) read a story to students of lower classes (Standard I and II) once per week . According to the school’s Head Teacher Joyce Mwakanjuki, every Friday starting from 11 am is a special time for upper- and lower-class students to read each other stories from various books available in the school. In addition to this technique, teachers of the of Mkunazini use other strategies to promote reading, such as using cards of letters, syllables, words and sentences; and the use of class and school library.

Teachers have also organized students into and encourage them to formulate reading clubs where they do various forms of reading practice.

According to Ms. Mariam Mohammed, who teaches Swahili in Standard I, the use of this strategy of upper-class students reading storybooks to lower classes encourages lower classes to read, as they feel jealous and thus endeavor to study hard so that they become good readers like those of the upper classes.