Creative Associates International is supporting the Tanzanian government to improve learning outcomes—especially early grade reading—through teacher support and training, technology in the classroom, and community engagement.

To improve teaching and learning outcomes, school management, and national capacity to drive Tanzania’s educational goals, TZ21 in partnership with national and international organizations and the Tanzanian Ministries of Education and Vocational Training is implementing activities including the following:

  • Focused technical assistance and professional support to primary school teachers, school administrators, students, school supervisors and education officers in the 900 project schools in Mtwara and Zanzibar
  • Training for Standard One through Four teachers in child-centered, active-learning pedagogy, as well as assessment and feedback loops, classroom management and e-content incorporation
  • Professional development for educators to enable them to use a phonics-based approach to Kiwswahili literacy
  • In-service training and coaching program for teachers that makes use of Teacher Resource Centers and communities of practice
  • Development of school management committees that will create child-centered Whole School Development Plans
  • Provision of ICT infrastructure, materials and computers to schools and teacher training institutions
  • Establishment of School-based Education Management Information Systems (SEMIS) that will improve decision-making processes
  • Provision of technical assistance and policy support
  • Improved infrastructure to enhance ICT integration in primary schools and teacher training institutions
  • Development and production of e-content , children books and other instructional materials
  • Support for policy work that will build capacity

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