TZ21 Implementation Partnership (2011)

As of December 2011, TZ21 offices in Dar es Salaam, Mtwara and Zanzibar were fully operational and registered with a total of 24 senior technical staff. Out of the 24 staff, 8 are seconded from the Ministries Of Education and Vocational Training (MOEVTs) of both Zanzibar and mainland Tanzania; this is a good indicator of USAID and government collaboration and buy-in for this project.

The TZ21 vision and objectives are well-articulated and understood by key stakeholders in MOEVTs (both in Zanzibar and in mainland Tanzania), Prime Minister’s Office Regional Administration and Local Government (PMORALG),  Implementing Partners, Global Development Alliances, TZ21 staff, all primary school head teachers, and education administrators in Zanzibar and Mtwara. As a result, project visibility and expectations are very high at different levels, ranging from schools to higher government offices in Zanzibar and mainland Tanzania.

Project technical committees composed of TZ21 staff and MOEVT/PMORALG officials have been established both in Zanzibar and Mtwara and are actively coordinating project activities in the field supported by TZ21 teams on site.